Monday, 11 February 2013

Crunch Time

The months can certainly creep up on you! Here we are with a little over three weeks until the snowmobile is put through the ropes at competition (yeah, that doesn't sound like a lot of time to us either).

The parts have all come in, the mounts have all been painstakingly designed and fabricated and all that remains is to turn our husk of a Bombardier snowmobile into an electricity powered workhorse. The shop is busier than ever with team members working on projects left and right but to everyone's great satisfaction the project is coming together quickly. 

In the next few weeks, the team will be assembling
the entire electrical system of the snowmobile from the motor to the taillights and everything in-between. With garage hours going almost every day now on top of midterms, nobody is getting a lot of sleep but nobody's complaining around the shop! You can feel the energy and excitement from the doorway and you can hear the tools and laughter from down the hall. Lucky for our team members who have been braving an arctic Kingston all week, the three weeks left before the competition is intersected 

by 7 well deserved days of fun in the sun (or lost in the folds of a textbook depending upon your commitment to the term 'reading week'). This does however cut into the time left to tinker on the team's snow devouring collective baby so nobody is looking that far ahead just yet. Things are getting busy around the shop so we better get back to it but thanks for reading and as always stay tuned for more updates from QFCT!

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