Friday, 14 December 2012

Coming and Going

As exams are winding down and Queen's students are starting to head home for the holiday break, activity over at the QFCT office is ramping up.

The past two weeks have seen the delivery of the battery control system, the battery cells themselves and the motor mount which was custom machined for the snowmobile. The delivery of these parts represents a huge step forward for the team which has been hard at work in the design phase over the past few months. 

Now, the members will have the opportunity to put their ideas into form over the course of the next term, culminating in the competition in March. As if this wasn't enough, the team has finished assembling our brand new custom built snowmobile stand!

When the team reconvenes in January, they'll begin assembly of the system from the batteries to the motor and the next major challenge will be addressed: purchasing the hydrogen tank and the fuel cell itself!

There's a lot of excitement around the QFCT office these days and we appreciate the support of our team members and our sponsors as we continue to realize our vision for the team.

From everyone at QFCT: happy holidays and as always, stay tuned!

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