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We, the members of the Queen's Fuel Cell Team, would like to welcome you to our new blog! We hope that you find this blog entertaining, informative, and perhaps even educational! This blog is intended to be a channel on which we can share with the public our discoveries, decisions, research, failures, and successes - all of which helps us to document our past and light the path forward.

So what is the Queen's Fuel Cell Team exactly? Well, it would not be entirely out of place to suggest that we are a hard working, inter-disciplinary group of students with a keen eye for detail and an eager sense of discovery. That's why we're pressing forward with our ground breaking project - the design and build of an entirely hydrogen fuel cell powered snowmobile, something which to this date has never been done!

So we mentioned the snowmobile, but left you hanging on the details...(sorry!). Needless to say, there will be more details coming, so be sure to stay tuned. The long and the short of the situation is that we are nearing design completion, and are in the process of acquiring components so that we can race to the finish line. But as the old saying goes : "how an adventure ends doesn't matter. Because that isn't the point of an adventure". While we may be completing this snowmobile, we are gaining valuable experience to better ourselves as students of engineering and commerce. We learn from the project and each other in how to design, implement, and manage various aspects of a large scale project. Our goal right now is to enter our fuel cell snowmobile in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2013

This is just a taste of what we are doing, but please check back for more in the coming months. And if you happen to be at Queen's, come check us out in the ILC, we'll be happy to show you what we're up to!
And if you are interested in helping us continue our adventure,just hop on over to our sponsorship page on our website.

Warmest regards,
The Queen's Fuel Cell Team

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